From: Chris Campbell
Re: Pizzas To Profits


I'm probably not what you were expecting.

Because... although I'm going to share a pretty crazy story with you…

…Something you wouldn't believe if you saw it in a movie…

Everything that follows is The Unedited Truth.



And I'm betting you've seen a boatload of way over the top stories lately…

  • There's the stripper who stumbled on a money-making app in her club...
  • The Russian hackers who developed the world's first automatic
    money-making software…
  • And dozens of out-of-work TV extras all faking their millions online…

It's all B.S. and it's gotta stop - RIGHT NOW.

And yet... what you're about to read... is just as crazy as those stories.

But the difference here is... it's ALL true.

Every.   Single.   Word.




Yep. Every weekday evening (and every other Saturday) I'd deliver piping hot pizzas to the residents of my home town in Northern Indiana.

And I did it living with my mom and dad, hoping and praying every single day for a way out of Nowheresville.

Whatever your current situation… I'm betting I'm a LOT like you.

A regular guy... ZERO technical skills… NO knowledge about marketing or running a
business or any of that stuff.

(Full disclosure: I got thrown out of Business Studies class in college!)




And I'm doing it ALL online.

From my laptop, cell phone and even on my shiny, new iPad.

Best part? I don't have to worry about shipping products… employees… or any of the usual BS that comes with running a business.

At the age of 28, I'm completely retired... and I dedicate my time to getting the system I'm about to reveal into the hands of eager and ambitious people like you.

Because let's face it… so far you've failed.

You've failed to make ANY money on the internet.

And you're going to keep failing unless you listen to what I have to say.

So… before I show you how I went from rolling dough to rolling IN the dough…

Let me make you a promise…

Within the next 30 days YOU will uncover the ability to pull down THIS kind of money--

And this kind of cash will flow to you easy as riding a bike...






Pretty big promise huh? Some might say foolish.

But I want to get you juiced up and buzzing at the possibilities.

Because they're very real.

Here's what making my living online has done for me…



Listen, if I can do this stuff while sitting in my parents' house...

… covered in tomato and flour stains from a hard day making pizzas...

… I HAVE to believe anyone with an ounce of ambition can do the same.

In fact, by the end of this letter I'll PROVE that YOU can do it, too.

Even if you're working 12 hour days… even if you're up to your eyeballs in debt... it's STILL quick, simple, and disgustingly easy to create a gigantic income online.

Don't believe me? Check this out...

At the same time as figuring out the online income code...



It's embarrassing to admit, but even though I was living with my parents, I was still BARELY getting

by with the money I was bringing home.

At night, I'd collapse on the couch… beat like a dog… flour and tomato stains splattered on my

jacket… carrying a box of left-over pizza for dinner.

Now, don't get me wrong…

Being a pizza delivery boy is steady employment. And these days? There's nothing wrong with that.


  • But when you're living with your parents…
  • When you've maxed out your credit cards…
  • And when you can't see a way out of your own personal Pepperoni Prison...


Life can look pretty bleak.


Do you have a role model in your life?

For me it was my dear old dad.

And to see the poor guy work his tail off for 22 years and then get laid off with no mercy?

It broke my heart.

And it also lit a roaring flame inside of me.

A burning desire that screamed...


No way.

I was NOT going to put my life at the mercy of some faceless corporation who could
care less about me.

So I got serious.

I went to college with a raging ambition to achieve four things –

  • I wanted to be my own boss…
  • I wanted to create my own schedule…
  • I wanted to decide how much money I made...
  • AND I wanted to retire by age 30…


Guess what?



So I dropped out. And decided the internet was where I'd make my fortune.

Probably like you, I'd heard all about the guys making incredible livings online… and having a com-

puter and a pretty decent internet connection, I figured…


But the first thing I did was pretty embarrassing…

I had this old suit I used for interviews.

And before I sat down at the computer... I used to put it on!

I figured if I felt like a businessman and "thought" money... I might attract some.

Yeah. That didn't work either.

I don't know about you but that Law Of Attraction stuff never 'magnetized' anything for me.

(… and it turns out, acting like some hot-shot business executive is the LAST
thing you need to make serious money online)



Now, this is where it all gets a little crazy. But I promise you... everything I say is true.

No strippers... no Russian hackers... no magic software... just a wrinkled old guy with a bank account full of cash.

I was heading out in Betsy one night for a delivery to a more affluent part of town.

Often, I'd drive round these more 'exclusive' estates just to take a peek at the giant houses
and flash cars.

I pulled up at my destination and took a moment to daydream about what it would be like to own
that house.

This thing was an absolute mansion! Every bit of 10,000+ sq. ft… basketball and tennis court.

Outdoor pool and hot tub… and breathtakingly stunning from the outside… nicer than anything I've ever seen on "MTV Cribs".

Well, as I walked up the drive past the BMW and the Porsche, I glanced in the 5 car garage and saw

the lamborghini, Rolls Royce, the ridiculous cigar boat, and a couple cars covered up… no clue what

they were. But, I pretended it was MY home just for a minute… and that those cars were mine.

Have you ever done that?

Just pictured what your life would be like without having to worry about paying the rent... the bills... the groceries?

Always having enough money to do whatever you wanted.

Take a vacation on a whim... buy luxury gadgets... treat your friends and family to whatever they

Total freedom.

Do you ever dream about this kind of stuff!? What it would be like to have something like that… and

then realize that it's obviously possible because SOMEONE owns that house and all those crazy

expensive cars!







And then the door opened.


A stern looking man with a white beard.

"Pizza sir!" I said with a smile… the inside of his house even more amazing than the outside.

But here's where things get REALLY weird…

I only noticed when I got home that evening, but the guy had slipped in a note with his payment.

A crumpled piece of yellow sticky note with nothing but a website address and the words...

... written in blue ink.

Of course, sitting there covered in flour and tomato stains I whispered to myself "nope!"

So I fired up my rickety old computer that I picked up at a garage sale (one step above the black and green screen DOS), and tapped in the URL.

It was a simple one-page website with a caption marked "ENTER"

What the heck was going on? Was this guy into some shady stuff... was he tricking me into something dangerous...?

Curiosity got the better of me.

I clicked 'ENTER'.



What this old man gave me was his PRIVATE and PERSONAL online vault of everything he had used to be successful in life… for HIS EYES ONLY! … so he wouldn't forget or lose his contacts, resources, business plans, and money getting strategies… all beautifully laid out with the steps he took!
I'd struggled for so long, but in a one-chance meeting and in one click
of my mouse, I'd stumbled on a goldmine.
Everything became suddenly, vividly clear.
But... I was left with a nagging thought,
Why me? Why would this guy give it to me?
The next day, during lunch hour, I jumped into battered ol' Betsy and
headed up to the mansion again.
I knocked on the imposing front door and 'white beard' appeared.
After an intimidating, painful silence, he finally recognized me… "Did you look?" he said.
I told him that, "hell yes I looked and liked what I saw but... why?"
He explained to me it was all part of his philosophy.
He'd spent most of his life building up a fortune. Now he wanted to give back.
But then he looked kinda stern at me…


Have to say, he kind of scared me a little.

But it had an effect.

I rushed straight home and jumped back onto the website.

I was like a kid in a candy store... my brain buzzing with the possibilities.

So I followed the steps... activated the system and turned in for the night.



Next morning… I jump out of bed, fired up my creaky old computer and there it is...

$997 -- just landed in my cobweb-ridden bank account.

So I started thinking... was it a fluke... was it first time, beginner's luck?

But no...


In less than a month I'd shot from ZERO to over $12k.

But I was just getting started...

4 months down the line I pulled in six-figures in a single month.


You know… I remember watching a webinar from one of the mega-gurus online.

I won't mention his name but you'd know him.

And his words have always stuck in my mind...

"When you crack the code, your income doesn't grow gradually... it grows exponentially... it

increases in giant leaps.

You don't go from $1000 a month to $1200 a month to $1500 a month. You shoot from $1000 to

$2000 to $4000 to $8000 and on and on."

And this is exactly what was happening to me!

The feeling you get when you KNOW you've made a life-changing breakthrough... when you

KNOW your life is changing for the better right in front of your eyes... it's almost indescribable.

And to make more money? To do all this again and again? I live by three little words...



And the coolest part - it was SO simple!

So simple, I wanted to knock myself upside the head.

I'm here, as living proof, to tell you that there is a fine line between success and failure and let me

tell you… success is FAR easier!



I stumbled on the heavily guarded secrets of the multi, MULTI millionaires.

And guess what?



You can't blame me.

I didn't want a bunch of competition on my way to the top!

But now, it's time.

And the "Gurus" are gonna be really pissed off.

I'm exposing everything "they" don't want you to know.

But you know what? "They can SHOVE it!"

You're fortunate enough to have come across this website.

While I get thousands of visitors every day to my own sites, only a tiny fraction of the population will

ever lay their eyes on this gold mine.

As with any successful venture, the two biggest factors in success are:


1.) Knowing the right people

2.) Being in the right place at the right time


As you move forward, you'll realize you found this at just the right time.


That would be disrespectful. And frankly, I like to put my own twist on things.

He gave me the kick-start I needed. But I didn't just stop there.

I've tested and re-tested… optimized and re-optimized this system over the past 5 years until right

now? It's fool proof.

Here's how I know that...

My dear ol' mom was my chief tester!

Seriously. I figured if she could do it... well... just about anybody could.

She's 56 years old. She's technologically challenged (bless her heart!).



Best part? Not one phone call asking for my help.

That's how I know I've created the ultimate step by step profit-pulling system.

It's so simple... so easy to just plug in and profit... you could be making your first money as soon as

this afternoon.

I call it the Internet Profit Acceleration System…



  • Quickly and easily generate a job-replacing income… even if you've never made a dime before…
    even if you suck at technical 'gobbledegook' and even if you have ZERO marketing knowledge…
  • Set to work a true "autopilot" online business that pulls in commissions and sales for you even
    while you're fast asleep…
  • Join the 'silent elite' of online money-makers all enjoying the six-figure internet lifestyle…


Please note: this is nothing to do with MLMs, Ponzi Schemes, network marketing or any kind of get rich quick scheme.

This is only for people ready and willing to grab hold of the online lifestyle they desire and deserve. And because you've made it this far, I'm betting you're one of those people.



Just like 'white beard' had his own private website to store his money-getting blueprints…

I have a secret vault online, too..

You can't find it in Google.

There are no 'links' from Facebook or Twitter pointing to it.

You can only gain access to this private vault by clicking the button below and requesting your risk free iPAS trial start up kit. Nice and easy, right? You are just seconds from having my iPAS system rushed out to you via Priority Mail. . . moments away from gaining access to it all.

… Access to putting the internet to work FOR you… 24/7/365, no matter how much

money you have, what you do, where you are, what you're capable of doing, or what

your experiences are.

You'll be given your own private access code - don't give this code to ANYONE else.

But once you walk through those virtual doors, you'll never look back. That I can





They follow the simple steps.

One by one… never deviating from the PROVEN path.

Do that? And the results that are possible will shock you.

You know how when you get dressed in the morning…

Or when you brush your teeth…

Or when you take a shower…

You follow a series of very simple, intuitive steps.

It comes naturally to you.

And that's how I've created iPAS.

It HAD to be that simple or my mother would never have made a single dollar!



I'll level with you.

The old bearded guy? He gave me a jump-start. He had his OWN version of what you're

about to get access to.

But I took his foundations and built on them…

Put my own twist on things.

This system has been tested and re-tested over the last 4-5 years.

Right now? It's as close as we'll ever get to being a 'sure thing'.

And it doesn't matter if you have…


And even if everything you've tried up 'til now has failed… iPAS can deliver.

In fact – I'll go one step further…



Because here's the REAL difference between iPAS and so-called business opportunities… MLMs… pyramid schemes… you name it…

I, Chris Campbell, the creator of this system, have dedicated the rest of my life to helping people like YOU.

Let's face it.

I've made my money.

I've already retired.

And now I want to spend my time helping people in need see

the same kind of income I enjoy.

Helping others to achieve their dreams is a thrill and a privilege for me.

In a lot of ways, it's even better than making the money for myself.

Being blessed financially has enabled me to help others less fortunate than me. It also enables me to give freely to my church on a regular basis, which is something incredibly important to me.

True satisfaction and fulfilment comes from helping others.

You don't really know how it feels until you experience it firsthand.

And let me tell you... there aren't words to describe how it feels to be a blessing in other peoples' lives.

So I can't wait to help you along the road to YOUR dreams and ambitions.

I only ask that you be absolutely sure this is a good fit for you because…



It's a sad fact of human nature that a lot of people will get access to my private vault and do


I'll be honest. That ticks me off.

When I think back to how desperate I was... how much I wanted to break free of my employ-

ment chains and pay off my debts...

To imagine giving you the keys to wealth creation and for them to collect virtual dust on your

hard drive?

That's not what I want.

So when you hit the button below you'll be taken to a very short checkout page.

I'm basically just giving away my money getting blueprint - EVERYTHING you could possibly need.

And If you keep it, it'll cost you far less than a dinner for two.

If your desire isn't stronger than giving up one dinner and eating home instead, I guess I really can't help you.

But I know that's not you.

So hit the button below, and let's get you started making major money online.


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Have you ever bought a lottery ticket? Or have you ever dreamt of what you would do with a

windfall of cash?

People and charities to whom you would give. That house you would buy… or that new car –

how good it will look sitting in your garage… the vacations you would take… the way you would

help others.

You'd be able to walk away from that J-O-B.

Well, having iPAS is like having a winning lottery ticket EVERY day.

Each day I just wake up and cash in my winning ticket because I have iPAS.

You see, with iPAS, it's not a matter of whether or not I'll make money each day, it's a matter of HOW much money I'll make each day.

And more often than not, I start the day with more money than I went to bed with… even before I take that first sip of my morning coffee.

Imagine having this kind of certainty before getting out of bed each day… something this fool proof… something this automated… something this gratifying and freeing.

Would you feel less stressed and a little happier getting out of bed every morning?

It gets even better.

I don't want you to risk a penny…

I'm so sure iPAS will supercharge your finances I'm willing to let you try it all out on MY dime…


Check out my iPAS system 100% RISK-FREE.


  • You MUST be blown away by the income potential…
  • You MUST be thrilled when you see what is possible…
  • You MUST be amazed at how quickly your life can change
    with the iPas system…


Or – I don't want your money.
It's that simple.


Better still… You get 30 days… an entire MONTH to check out the materials.


Take your time, review the details of the system and if you're

not knocked off your seat by what it can do… you can return it and I won't

charge you anything.


You have nothing to lose but everything to gain…



You can either…


  • Bury your head in the sand and tell yourself there are NO opportunities out there for you.
    The rich get richer and that's just the way it is…
  • Carry on the way you're already going. Buy every shiny new object that drops in your lap and continue to hope, wish and pray for a way out of your job.

Surely… one day… it will just "happen" for you. Right?

  • Get Priority Mailed my iPAS system and make real, lasting change in your life.
    You can SEE the money being generated in front of your eyes as an exact result of the
    iPAS system.

And you can look forward to a new lifestyle filled with freedom and prosperity.


So what's it going to be?


I think you and I both know there's only one option worth pursuing.

Hit the button below. Do it now.

I can't wait to hear your success story…




P.S. Everything I've told you is true. I really did deliver pizzas for a living and I really did
figure it all out online with the guidance of an unlikely mentor. Now I've created a system to
enable ANYBODY – no matter their experience or technical knowledge – to make a living
online. Jump in and join me, the water's warm…



P.P.S. Yes – you get a FULL MONTH to take check out the secret details of my system. If at any moment you feel it isn't for you, return it and I won't charge you a penny. No questions asked...
no ifs, no buts… I want you to be totally happy with your new business. And I know you will
be… The next 30 days promise to be some of the most exciting days of your life. Don't miss out on
this opportunity—you'll only be kicking yourself later when you see all the success stories and
your name not there.



P.P.P.S. Somebody recently asked me "what would you do if you lost everything and had to
start over again?" Kind of a sobering question, right? But my answer was simple. iPAS. I'd
simply follow the steps and even if I had no connections… no money… no rolodex… lock me
in a dark, damp, musty basement, and as long as I had a laptop and an internet connection…
I'd be back on top within DAYS.
Hit the button below and let's get started…



P.P.P.P.S. Remember: having this formula is like waking up every morning with a winning
lottery ticket in your hand! I can't describe the feeling of confidence and certainty it can give





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